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Most Popular MLM Companies in South Korea

Most Popular MLM Companies in South Korea


MLM companies are surrounding us. Odds are you’ve known about a few and likely disregarded the thought. What you’re passing up is supreme business significance.

It would help if you realized that direct sales companies have been around for quite a long time and have demonstrated that they are productive and useful for quite a long time. Network Marketing or MLM has just made this much more successful and applicable to the present world. The number of multilevel marketing (MLM) firms operating in South Korea rose in the second quarter as the government moves to regulate such operations better to prevent consumer damage.

So gone are where people go house to house to sell something. From that point onward, people frequently would offer to family and friends; however, it’s challenging to get much of anywhere in the direct sales field. MLM permits direct deals to break out into the cold market, the crowd of individuals you have no close to home association with. This enables organizations to develop more occasions and turn out to be more successful. Because of the colossal part of their healthy business outlook, South Korea is where MLM companies are bound for extraordinary achievement. In a society wanting the best in health, skincare, and other industries, MLM companies can thrive and flourish.

What is MLM (Multilevel Marketing)

Multilevel Marketing (MLM), which can also be referred to as network marketing, is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors. MLM is a legitimate business strategy, though it is controversial. In an MLM company, the workforce comprises primarily non-salaried representatives, who are encouraged to sell services/products and often also recruit more representatives.

Multilevel Marketing is often confused with a pyramid scheme. The one key difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legal MLM is that an MLM business will sell an actual product and earn real income outside of more people’s recruitment, which often involves newcomers paying a fee. There are red flags for spotting a predatory product-based pyramid scheme, but this is the crucial difference. These schemes include taking advantage of people by pretending to be engaged in legitimate multilevel or network marketing. You can spot pyramid schemes by their greater focus on recruitment than on product sales.

MLM Market in South Korea

Multilevel Marketing is viral in South Korea, and the nation’s MLM market is the 4th largest market. Some of the reasons why MLM is so prevalent in South Korea is because there aren’t tons of great jobs to have. So many people resort to start MLM, there is less job for early retired people. Retirement age is getting lowered; they don’t have much money to create even a business because of the low entry cost. They are very good at relationship management. It has a high population density so that they can meet each other very quickly. They have a strong desire to learn and succeed, and its college entrance rate is over 80%. So South Koreans have started discovering their own MLM companies that can be profitable. They use a variety of resources such as,

  • Sales figures
  • Online reviews
  • Forums and chat rooms

As a highly developed country, South Korea is one of the best places for an MLM company. Here are the most popular MLM companies in South Korea.

Most Popular MLM networks in South Korea

1. PurpleU

PurpleU is a K-beauty and nutrition company committed to enhancing the health and beauty of all people. PurpleU has created a line of sanitary products focused on using Mother Nature’s most effective ingredients through advanced scientific research and technology.

They are committed to sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of our earth. At PurpleU, everything from their ingredients to their packaging is eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free. PurpleU strives to reflect the beauty of nature in all aspects of global business.

The founders, Heeok Kang and Kisuk Song started PurpleU with Kisuk Song to empower women. They believe in the importance of motherhood and want to support mothers of all ages through PurpleU’s business opportunity and continue helping people live their lives to the fullest through the PurpleU products and business opportunity.

“We believe that happiness is the key to success.

Our mission is to help you find balance and happiness in your life to be naturally, beautifully you.

PurpleU is committed to diversity and inclusivity. We work to create unity through shared ideas, values, and a passion for clean, innovative beauty.

Naturally, we are better together.”

2. Amway

Amway is an American multilevel marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products. The company was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos and is based in Ada, Michigan.

Amway Korea was founded in 1988 and began local operations in May 1991.

Amway Korea has grown in Korean consumers’ trust and provides opportunities for success to ABOs through sound business.

“Our reason for being is simple. We exist to help live better, healthier lives. To help us realize this belief in others, we follow the six values our business was built upon: partnership, integrity, personal worth, achievement, personal responsibility and free enterprise.”

3. Atomy

Established in 2009, Atomy is a network marketing company that conducts direct sales in 18 different regions, including South Korea.

Atomy is multiplying by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to Absolute Quality Absolute Price’s principles established by founding Chairman Han-Gill Park. Atomy is also solidifying the foundation for sustainable growth by focusing on our forward-thinking goal of customer success and fostering three fundamental corporate cultures: observing principles, growing together, and sharing.

Atomy uses a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy. They select profitable products that are higher in quality at more reasonable prices and sell them through distribution channels that can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks, and online shopping.

“Create the Vision The most accurate way to predict the future is to plan for it ourselves. We must take this initiative in our thinking so that we may be in charge of our future.”

4. Nu Skin Korea

Started with the small wishes of the founders who wanted to create genuinely skin-friendly cosmetics, Nu Skin Enterprise has grown into a global beauty & health company loved in about 50 countries around the world today. Nu Skin has three founders who have made hope a reality.

They establish a fair and sound business environment to protect customers and the company, and at the same time, prevent and eliminate risk factors through the compliance management function to support successful business execution.

“We pursue the power of ethics, honesty, innovation, positivity, consideration and goodwill.”

5. Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition is a global multilevel marketing corporation that develops and sells dietary supplements. Mark Hughes (1956–2000) founded Herbalife Nutrition in 1980 to change the world’s nutritional habits, one person at a time. He shared his vision for success passionately and powerfully, resulting in what is now a multibillion-dollar company with dedicated Independent Herbalife Members in more than 90 countries around the world. So it seems like wherever you go, Herbalife is everywhere, and in South Korea, you’ll find many. 

The core philosophy of Herbalife Nutrition is to provide personalized nutrition to millions of people around the world, which is far more relevant today than it was in 1980 when the company was founded. So it seems like wherever you go, Herbalife owners are everywhere, and in South Korea, you’ll find many. 

6. Unicity Korea

Unicity is a health and wellness MLM company. Since founded in 2001, Unicity cultivates communities of people who aren’t just living but living well. Their products are an extension of that passion. They use research and innovation to empower people with information, products, and services that enable them to take responsibility for their health and quality of life.

Unicity Korea is the Korean branch of Unicity International. This global direct sales company is recognized for its production capabilities in over 50 countries worldwide and entered the domestic market in 1995. Since then, they have been reborn as a company that leads the industry by steadily growing by launching a variety of products, including Unicity’s Bios Life brand, in the Korean market.


APHROZONE is an MLM company committed to creating new value.  APHROZONE is strengthening the capabilities of global companies by actively advancing into overseas markets such as Korea. They provide products that independent representatives can sell. APHROZONE delivers high-quality products and services and continues to grow the business through constant innovation and investment in new technology and new value.

“We develop technology that meets the global demands for a more healthy and beautiful lifestyle. We pursue a mutual relationship with customers by understanding their needs for a healthier and more beautiful lifestyle.”

8. Seacret Direct Korea

Seacret is a United States-based multilevel marketing company that sells cosmetic and other personal care products made from Dead Sea minerals, mud, and nutrients. Izhak and Moty Benshabat founded the company in 2005. In 2005, the Banschabat brothers took the business to the next level. Growing up near the Dead Sea in Israel and knowing more about the Dead Sea’s mysterious vitality, they decided to develop Dead Sea mineral cosmetics and share them with the world. They create Dead Sea Cosmetics Secret, which combines advanced technology with unique ingredients.

Seacret is very popular among Asian countries, especially in South Korea. It’s mainly because South Korans are very conscientious about their skin.

“Our mission is to build the Wealthy Global Community through unrivaled products, innovative opportunities and a unique corporate culture.”

9. Neora

Neora is a global relationship marketing company offering breakthrough, proprietary age-fighting skincare, and wellness products. Neora is committed to positively impacting as many lives as possible. Their worldwide team of Neora Brand Partners and employees understands the power their actions have to help people enjoy a happier and healthier life quality. Neora will always continue to be a successful MLM company in South Korea as Koreans are well adamant about keeping their skin healthy.

“Our mission to Make People Better goes far beyond our best-selling, age-fighting products and life-changing opportunity. We know true success includes actively practicing gratitude by giving back to our communities and improving the lives of our neighbours who live there.”

10. Ariix

ARIIX is an MLM company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products marketed through independent representatives. The ARIIX product line consists of seven brands: Jouvé, Nutrifii, Priime, Puritii, Reviive, Slenderiiz, and NuCerity.

With multiple independent brands, ARIIX provides the ability to diversify the business. Each brand was designed to stand on its own and to work together.

Trends and market needs are always shifting, which is why ARIIX created several brands to choose from. This allows us to remain competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market. ARIIX is a global company that offers the opportunity to broaden horizons and expand reach. People from all over the world can be partners. Although one of ARIIX’s newest markets, Korea is one of the most extensive direct selling opportunities globally. No other need has the same growth capabilities as Korea. No wonder why Ariix is one of the leading MLM companies in South Korea.

“Not only does ARIIX offer industry-leading strengths, we are constantly working to make you a leader in network marketing.”

11. ACN

ACN, Inc. is a North American-based multilevel marketing company that provides telecommunications, energy, merchant services, and other services, depending on the country, through a network of independent sellers who can recruit other sellers. ACN has spread globally, especially in South Korea.

ACN Korea, which entered Korea as the 21st overseas branch in 2010, has steadily established itself in the domestic direct sales market and continued to grow. ACN continues its successful overseas expansion by providing services that are most appropriate to the country’s culture and market characteristics when entering overseas.

ACN Korea provides high-quality, healthy, functional foods, and good essential life services to enhance life quality and provide profitable business opportunities.